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EXFIL (Exfiltration) is the process of removing a person when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a dangerous or life threatening environment and taken to a safe and secure place.


At EXFIL Interventions, we understand the pain of watching someone you care about struggle with acute mental illness, substance abuse, or other addictions. We're here to help, whether this is your last resort or your first intervention step.




  • Customized Techniques: Our method doesn't involve directly confronting the person of interest with family or close friends. We use a mix of compassion, logic, psychology, and philosophy to connect emotionally.

  • Raising the Bottom: Sometimes, we employ "leverage" - either discovered or created - to nudge them toward voluntary treatment. This is always done ethically, ensuring both their safety and ours.

  • Comprehensive Care: With EXFIL, the intervention doesn't end once the person enters a recovery program. We believe recovery is a continuous journey and offer extended support.


OUR CLIENTS: We serve a broad clientele from at-risk youth to corporate executives. For those who require more than a standard clinical intervention, our unique approach is industry-leading. We prioritize the individual's voluntary choice for treatment.


GETTING STARTED: Initiate with a phone consultation. If we believe intervention is viable, we'll provide an engagement agreement, fee schedule, and assign a dedicated case manager.



  • Criminal Case Mitigation: We can facilitate criminal defense, particularly in California, New York, Texas, and Florida. For other states, we consult with our professional network.

  • Care & Case Management: Post-treatment, our Care and Case Managers oversee the next 12 to 36 months. We address various co-occurring challenges, from legal to media, ensuring optimal recovery conditions.

  • Family Systems Management: This bridges the family with the Care/Case Management, therapists, or doctors, ensuring that while the person of interest gets help, the family grows alongside them.


EXFIL Interventions is a division of Potter & Co Global Ltd., a global crisis management firm with a strong presence worldwide. Located in London, Los Angeles, and New York, our diverse team includes individuals with military, law enforcement, clinical, and psychological backgrounds.

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