EXFIL (Exfiltration) is the process of removing a person when it is considered imperative that they be immediately relocated out of a dangerous or life threatening environment and taken to a safe and secure place.

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How does EXFIL work?

Our clients are at-risk youth, at-risk adult children, husbands, wives, parents, corporate executives, managing directors, business owners and others who require more than clinical interventions currently available to arrest the insanity associated with addiction, mental illness and behavioral health. We use a time tested model for successful extractions of our clients, which is unparalleled in the industry. All our clients return to university, their directorships, their families with renewed commitment to living healthy and happy lives, once we've successfully extracted them and placed them in treatment center that fits their personality type and suits their ambitions, this will be explained in more detail during your assessment.

We coordinate our efforts in an ethical manner that helps the person of concern to choose to enter treatment at any one of our recommended facilities around the world. Note: We've spent over 20 years visiting, assessing and appraising different facilities and we've come to know the cultures of all the international facing clinics globally.


We begin by sending our case manager to meet with You and assess your circumstances before any action is taken. During that interview, we ascertain the history of the person of concern, and their current circumstances. We coordinate resources with the family doctor, general counsel or business management and other interested parties or relatives. We create a concise plan from our due diligence. We want to be sure of whatever risks are present and create the best opportunity to make contact with the person of concern. We utilize every aspect of the information we have on hand to help them reach that moment of surrender, then we immediately transport them to a prearranged facility.